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About us

INnCREASE SP.Z O.O is a high quality provider of innovation services, business consultancy and your ideal partner for the implementation of international innovation projects. This consultancy company was born to provide the adequate support to its clients in a more competitive and demanding business world.

Based in Poland, INnCREASE SP.Z O.O has been expanding its activities to other European markets very recently, base on a cooperation strategy with key organisations in other countries.

The expertise and know-how of the founders in areas such as Innovation Policies, Business Consultancy and European project management, positions INnCREASE SP.Z O.O as a successful and entrepreneurial company capable of devising highly effective consultancy strategies and methods.

Our Mission

As a consultancy company, INnCREASE SP.Z O.O promotes entrepreneurship through the support of new business ideas and by providing adequate backup to new adventures, including actions addressed at entrepreneurs to be. With a team of highly experienced mentors, INnCREASE SP.Z O.O plays a key role in the promotion of entrepreneurial culture and business outlook.

From the first ideas to the exploitation of project results, INnCREASE SP.Z O.O supports its clients businesses by offering a unique and complete range of services and proven expertise in devising, applying, organising and managing European-funded projects.

“Our talent lies not only in the technical capacity but also in the dedication that we devote to each of our clients and to each of our projects, always bearing in mind that we want to build our clients the pathway to a brighter horizon.”

Our Services

INnCREASE SP.Z O.O is a high quality provider of innovation services, business consultancy and partner for implementation of international innovation projects. Its central location in the most active business area of Polish economy and privileged links with various organisations (universities, research institutes, business incubators, national/regional associations, job centers, etc.) offer unique opportunities for playing a role as the country information provider.

INnCREASE SP.Z O.O operates horizontally for innovation promotion along many industries, working closely with stakeholders of various sectors, which can be also an added value for reaching out to a broad range of companies. Diversity of areas covered will allow handling of information/database creation for a broad selection of industries/economy branches and provision of both macroeconomic and microeconomic data.

“Our added value lies in the nature of our business and our people. We offer an integrated and comprehensive approach to respond to our client’s needs in the most effective way, from strategic thinking, project implementation and business sustainability.”

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